I had the strangest feeling yesterday.  Something I have never felt before….PARANOIA!  This place we are in is very vulnerable.  The most vulnerable we have ever been.  I shut the blog off to private for a little while and then a good night’s sleep made me rethink closing it.  But I do have a request.  I want to share our story with you and eventually with our adopted child.  I want all of us to experience God together throughout this process.  BUT, the safety of our adoption is of paramount importance to me.  Our adoption is somewhat unconventional because we know the child we are adopting.  Hague countries (the Philippines is one) do not like this.  And while we did not go looking for an adoption and feel that God dropped this into our laps we would never want the Filipino government to feel that we had not handled this with the highest of ethical standards. 

My request to  you is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not share our blog with anyone.  If you have access to this blog it is because I have sent you the address.  If you want to share it with someone please let me know first and I will let you know how I feel about it.  But honestly, this is for our friends and family who love us and want to pray for us.  There WILL come a time later, probably in only a few weeks when I don’t care who you share it with and I will let you know when that time arrives.

I want to tell you all about our meeting with the social worker, but it will have to wait until later today!



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