Tornadoes, planes, and social workers…and some other stuff


Warning:  This post is ALL over the place….

Chad had an interesting experience last night.  For the first time ever he had a tornado siren while in a hotel.  If you have watched the news at all you know that tornadoes came through Nashville last night.  I am sure that was scary for everyone.  The last place Chad wants to meet Jesus is in a hotel far from home.  🙂  I guess when Jesus does come to get us it won’t matter where we are because in that moment he will be all we ever want again, for all eternity. 

On a lighter note…he is now on his way to the airport and his flight looks to be on time.  Woohoo!  I am so excited to meet our social worker and get moving.  It is a little intimidating but I do know two other people who have also had her as a social worker for an adoption and they say she is encouraging and very “for us”.  That is all I need. 

I do want to tell you a parallel story that has come to me lately.  At bible study at my church there is a woman who comes.  She is a regular attender but is very clear that she is not a Christian.  She belongs to another faith.  During different studies she has had the opportunity to memorize bible verses and really study God’s word.  She loves it.  She loves the friendship of other women and the acceptance she gets from Christian women.  Hm.  I know the power of God’s word is indescribable.  She is growing faith in him through her study and doesn’t even know it yet!  I love how he just lets us truck along thinking everything is the way we think it is and then BAM…he lets us know he has been up to something big.  I think that is what will happen with this woman.          So. The parallel is….A lady in the Philippines is doing “Transitions Training” with some of the girls in the children’s home.  Some of them are being adopted, some are moving to high school, and some of them are moving from the children’s home to the more independent living in the guest house.  Our girl is going to this training, but for a different reason than she knows.  She is going because she is going to be adopted!!!  But she thinks she is going for one of the other reasons!  HA!  So, in my  mind she is just trucking along thinking everything is the way she thinks it is and BAM…God will let her know (through a social worker) that he has been up to something big!   In both situations a rescue is taking place that could only be orchestrated by God himself…isn’t he awesome?  Praise him for his plan to blow us ALL away when we think we are just “trucking along”.  



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