all is ok


After my very strange psychological evaluation yesterday I think we can safely guess that I do not have any significant deficits either.  The questions were so strange that I can not wait to see our final write ups.  Questions like…I am bothered by animal cruelty.  true/false  If I were a reporter I would like to cover the theater. T/F  I think I am better than everyone else T/F  The voices in my head are so loud I can’t hear anything else. T/F      CRAZY.   Truth is, sometimes the voices outside my head are so loud I WISH I had some inside noise to drown them out!  Then I ran to the courthouse to get marriage certificates to prove that Chad and I are legal.  Thank goodness.  Then when I mentioned to Chad that I was happy to have killed two birds with one stone by being downtown yesterday he asked in psycho test form, “Do you think about killing birds with stones?”  we had a good laugh about that one. 

SO, that leaves us with a prayer request about Chad’s flight tomorrow as big storms are supposed to blow through Nashville tonight.  We have our first meeting with our social worker tomorrow at 1:00 and need him to be home in time to attend.  I am looking forward to meeting her and getting the ball rolling on this final step.  After she completes our home visits we will be done with everything on our end and all our paperwork will go to the Philippines.  My prayer is that our girl will know by April 1.  Then we will have four months to get everything done on their end and still stay on track to have her here before school starts.  Pray for Chad’s flight and the storms that our coming.  That we would be able to make our meeting and not be delayed any longer.  Blessings on your day.



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