Jenner~A Filipino Waiter


Our lives have been so filled with unbelievable circumstances in the last few weeks.  Chad is in Nashville on business for the rest of the week and called me last night to tell me about his evening.  He went to dinner in the hotel where he is staying and had this waiter…Jenner.  Chad wondered if he was Filipino and so when he came back he noticed something on his name tag that tipped him off so Chad just asked him if he was from the Philippines.  The man said yes and Chad went on to tell him about my mission trip there and how much I loved his homeland.

Then, when Jenner came back at the end of the meal, Chad told him about our adoption and Jenner was very happy and said how much he knew she would love it here.  That his family is so thankful to be here.  As Chad got up to leave Jenner came back over and shook Chad’s hand and put his other hand on Chad’s shoulder and said “Thank you” over and over.  I get the sense it was very emotional for both of them.

Do you all know how many restaurants my husband eats in?  The numbers are staggering, trust me.  I can think of nothing but the divine providence of God that allowed Chad to meet Jenner last night.  What an encouragement to Chad!  I pray Jenner was encouraged as well.  I pray he saw something of the God who adores HIM in my husband and in our willingness to bring another child into our family.  You see Jenner knows the difference between the poverty in the Philippines and the wealth of the US.  He knows the difference this will make in the life of one child and was profoundly moved by it.  Maybe he saw a glimpse of the same glory of God we have been seeing.  Maybe he knows Jesus already and was just praising him all the way home to tell his family about this businessman he met at work.  We will never know.  But God does.  That is one thing I love most about God, the ripple effect of his blessings.  His blessings go on to unknown places to represent his glory…and we get to participate by our obedience to receive his blessings and by our willingness to share what God has done.

My prayer request today is for my psychological evaluations…just pray that my spirit would be calm.



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