Today I am Thankful


What an exciting day yesterday!  We started with arriving at church and receiving a letter from our girl that she sent with the men coming home from the Philippines.  She has no idea this is going on, but will be told within the next few weeks.  As soon as our dossier is sent to the Philippines and is approved, she will be told.  I can not tell you how fun it is to have something “from her”, in her handwriting, that was hand made for our family. 

Then, after church, a sweet lady came up to me to ask if our fund was ready for donations because she and her husband had decided to donate a portion of their tax return to our adoption fund.  I can not BEGIN to tell you how it confirms our decision over and over when others are called to help us through the overflow God has blessed them with.  God is telling them to help us, which in turn encourages us that he alone is in charge of our story.  In case you were wondering about the answer to her question, the elders still have to vote on our fund for it to be fully approved and ready for action.  I will let you know when it is ready.

When we got home.  The fun began!  We completely made a plan for how the “girl’s room” will look.  We taped off how we are going to fit two double beds into the room and made a fun plan for homemade headboards that will be monogrammed with each girl’s initials.  We also came up with an awesome idea to use two non-matching dressers and make them match.  (hint:  they will be fuschia!)  Lizzie is really excited about the idea of having a sister and is just as excited about decorating the room.  We have made it clear to her that sharing a room may not be as “glorious” as she thinks it will be right now, but are letting her enjoy the excitement of it for the time being. 

On a different note, Chad is having his psychological evaluation today…we have joked with him that I made my appointment for Wednesday in case he doesn’t pass I won’t have to go through with mine.  But definitely pray for him, that he would not be nervous and just do the test to the best of his ability. 

God continues to challenge us in interesting ways.  I think one of the ways is by people’s reactions to our news.  Some people look at us like we have grown a third eye, others just take it in stride and congratulate us (and probably talk about that third eye thing later amongst themselves), and still others are overjoyed and want to know how they can participate.  Chad has really been enlightened as to a particular piece of scripture  (Luke 9:62) where people are challenged by Jesus to not look back.  That when you make the decision to follow Jesus, and for us particularly, a specific call, you need not look anywhere but where God is leading you.  That is what we have chosen to do.  If you feel like you are looking at our backs as we plow on ahead, we hope your faith will be increased by watching God and his call on our lives.  And the blessing that comes with it.  We are not deluded to believe that this is going to be easy.  Callings rarely are.  This is not a safe undertaking.  We have no guarantee of end results.  This is not a safe God we serve.  But he is good. 



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  1. Parenting is not a safe undertaking, period. There are no guarantees for any of our kids, whether they were conceived in our bodies or in our hearts. God will give you the grace you need when you need it, just like He does for the rest of your kids. You are surrounded by people who love you, and by extension, love your daughter-to-be. We can’t wait to meet the newest Martin!

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