Next Steps


To finish my “Fast Forward” post…

I called several social workers and none of them called me back.  The one I really wanted to talk to was, of all places, in the Philippines!  This was a Thursday and he would be returning on Saturday.  I ended up not speaking to him until Tuesday morning.  He told us that he felt our only option in the end would be to pursue an adoption.  He did not believe that the embassy there, nor the InterCountry Adoption Board (ICAB) would grant her a visa to come here for one month or one year.  He encouraged me to contact the social worker in the Philippines and have her go to the ICAB and ask for a 1 year visa.  He was interested to see what the response would be.  (did I mention that my social worker met with the social worker in the Philippines at the children’s home where my child lives while he was there?  prior to our first discussion?) 

We assumed it might take some time to get a response back, so Chad and I just began to pray, quite fervently I might add, that God would close any doors that needed closing and leave any doors open that he expected us to walk through.  HA!  A mere 36 hours later I recieved an email back!  They were able to meet with the necessary person THAT DAY and she said that if we would move forward quickly, they would as well.  Because of the child’s age they would push it through so that we could plan on traveling in August!  No visas were available for the other two options.  Two doors closed, one door open.

We were a little surprised to hear this news…this was Thursday morning.  We called our social worker and he spent well over an hour talking with both Chad and I.  We appreciate him so much!  Then I talked with a friend…I have talked with many friends through this time, and family as well.  But this friend has two adopted teenagers, that they adopted this fall.  They had 2 children already when they adopted the two newest members of their family, so she was able to really talk to me about how to handle it with our kids, and how to make sure that all 5 of us were ready for this.  So we had a long weekend of family meetings…all together, separately, with each child individually…you get the picture.  The talks Chad and I had at night after everyone was in bed were the hardest.  We had a million reasons why we shouldn’t do this…it was forever, it would forever change the landscape of our family, what if she hates it here? what if she hates us?  what if we can’t afford it?  We did a  lot of talking because we knew that if we committed to this that it was going to move faster than we ever could imagine.  Sunday night, we had our final family meeting, and ended it with a “secret ballot” vote.  It was a unanimous yes. The yes came from God calling us in spite of all the unknowns…we truly felt that to say “no” would have been a slap in the face to a God who loves us so much.  That same God will carry us through ANY and all challenges that will come with this adoption.  We know he is thrilled with our choice because of the amount of peace we all had the minute the decision was made.  None of us has questioned it.

Which leads us up to just a week and a half ago…and the tentative beginnings of this blog along with an absolutely insane amount of paperwork.  Next week we both get our psychological evaluations done and we meet with our social worker for the first time next Friday.  Hopefully our home study will be done at about the same time that our Philippines dossier is ready to go.  We are waiting for God to provide all the finances that we need, but know that he will.  Our church is setting up a fund for us so that any donations made to our adoption will be tax deductible.  Praising God that we have a church willing to do that for us. 

So there you have it…more to come as I process all that is going on.  God is so at work in our whole family right now.



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