Fast Forward


Ok…I need to get on with how we came to this adoption…

After coming home, I have mentioned before, Chad and I decided that the best way to help this child was to sponsor the education that would be needed to have any “upward mobility” in this society. I let them know at the children’s home that we are in for the long haul. The school the mission group runs only goes through 6th grade and high school charges tuition fees.

At Christmas, the director of the school was at home, and happened to be at our church and spoke about how important it was to sponsor children. While we were standing at the “sponsor” table together she mentioned that they were looking for a family to take _________ for a month in the summer. My heart jumped into my throat! “We want to!” was my immediate response. I talked to Chad right after that and he agreed as well. It was like a dream had become a possibility!! We had her over for dinner a few nights later and I brought it up again. She said she would have to see about it when she got back. I told Chad at that time that maybe it was a possibility, but probably a slim chance.

A few weeks later her mom came up to me in church and again mentioned this child coming for a month in the summer. Again, each time I heard of this possibility, sheer joy washed over me. Such relief! This child was really going to get to come!!!

Then when I spoke with the school director through skype, she said there is another family, who is currently serving as missionaries who have also grown close with this child. They were considering the summer visit to the States with this child as well, as they were coming home on furlough. So, I agreed to wait and pray for what God would have. I only wanted what was best for this child and if being with this family was his best, I was ok with it, =)

A mere 48 hours later, I get an email. The director has met with the Filipino social worker and they want to know what we would have to do on our side for three options. 1. A one month visit 2. a one year student exchange 3. an adoption. Wait a minute….what????? That was my first thought too. This child is unadoptable…unable to be rescued…without hope.

That MORNING I frantically got on Skype…talked to the director and she let me know that the other family was willing to let it go, because they wanted this child to have a chance, at a family…at a bona fide rescue. I began to call social workers like a woman possessed…and I was possessed with the thought of the miraculous possibility that had been placed before us. THE IMPOSSIBLE WAS POSSIBLE. Doesn’t God love to blow us away like that? We teach our kids to memorize, “Nothing is impossible with God.” But do we really believe it? Do we really live each day in HIS power believing the impossible to be possible??? Or do we simply rely on the general truths we know to be true and never ask for the impossible. Is it because we are afraid he will disappoint, or is it because if he DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE…then, we are challenged to follow him in a totally different way. We can be called to do things that seem so counter-cultural that even our own families are left questioning our sanity.

That is where we stood on Thursday, January 27, 2011



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