I Lift My Eyes Unto the Hills…


Where does my help come from? Many of you know this verse, and may sing the song the rest of the day like I have now…=) Wow, do I have a great story to tell. I am going to jump ahead in the story because you need to hear this! This past Sunday, was our final day of “are we in or are we out?” family meetings. That morning, after Chad left for church, I was praying and asking God to forgive me for “putting out my fleece” over and over, begging for signs and every time he gave one, asking for another. During this time of prayer I really felt God leading me to speak to some friends of ours, the Lloyds. Trusted mentors and incredibly mature in their faith. They moved away this past fall, to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Ken had gone on the trip with me and knew this child as well. I decided I would email them as soon as I got home from church.

So, I am doing my sign up table, women’s ministry thing…talking with my friend Janice………..when the Lloyd’s WALKED IN! They have been gone for months! I fell apart with shock. Janice wrote me a sweet note this week explaining how it BLESSED HER to see God completely knock me off my feet. Isn’t God awesome? His blessings have such a ripple effect. The Lloyds were so encouraging and lovely and even more than that, I think they loved that God got to use them to amaze me with his goodness.

To finish the verse….my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

He is most certainly my helper. He showed me that morning that not only did he forgive me for not trusting him with every other sign, that he was going to throw me a doozie, so there would be no question about who was the author of this story, just to bless my socks clean off. I have been practically giddy since that moment. I will not ask again for his proof. It is enough. I will move forward with a resounding, YES.


Please remember to NOT post on my wall on FB about this…only comment on the blog or through FB email.  🙂


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  1. I skipped around trying to get to the punch line so to speak… I have to say I am not surprised. I have an old co-worker – Shane knows him – that went on a few mission trips and my understanding is that he too was inspired to adopt. It will be a great learning experience on so many levels for all of you. And possibly for the rest of us that are in your lives as well.
    Congrats. Well done.

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