Why a Blog???


I also need to tell you the purpose of this blog. One of the things you must know is that I am writing this as much for our future child as for all of you and me. I am writing this as a testimony of how God led us to this adoption and how he has guided our steps from beginning to end. HE IS FAITHFUL and we are trusting in Him alone for each step. I know he will provide all that we need.

I need this child to know that God chose us to be the forever family that HE alone has planned. I want this child to know that God allowed me to BIRTH another child in my heart, just not from my body. And while this child does not have ONE baby picture or token of early years, I am preparing a book from this blog that will last forever. So this is sort of a pregnancy journal/baby book wrapped up into one. Ironically, from start to finish this adoption should take the same amount of time as a pregnancy. We were approached in December and hopefully will bring our child home in August…wow. God is hilarious! I feel pregnant many days, especially the tiredness!

Just so you know, I AM being purposely vague…some of you already have seen pictures of our newest family member and know the name. To be honest, I want to scream it from the mountaintops!!!! I am not putting it on the blog/internet until I feel released by our social worker and by God to tell it. Then I promise there will be pictures!

The other reason I am writing a blog is SO THAT you can see God’s goodness as well. You can see His plans unfold in the same miraculous way we have. Trust me, this journey has been miraculous at every step. Some of you may believe this is just an unlikely amount of coincidences, but coincidence nonetheless. I pray that you will hear the whisper of God telling HIS OWN STORY in light of ours. A great story of redemption, and salvation, and of a great rescue.

There may be times when we are desperate for funding, and God lays it on you to help out…we have already had people call us and offer us help…with barely ANY INFORMATION! God has laid it on their hearts to participate in our story…and it encourages us and those around us that we are on the right track when he is telling our friends to help us. I have spoken with people who have wept with sheer joy and amazement at the goodness and glory of God. And people have written us letters of encouragement that have blessed me well beyond my ability to express. Watch and wait friends…God is showing up. Every. single. day.


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